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Art in China 电子书

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作者: Craig Clunas

出版社: Oxford University Press

出版时间: 1997-5-8

价格: USD 27.95

ISBN: 9780192842077

页数: 256 页


China can boast a history of art lasting 5,000 years and embracing a huge diversity of images and objects - jade tablets, painted silk handscrolls and fans, ink and lacquer painting, porcelain-ware, sculptures, and calligraphy. They range in scale from the vast `terracotta army' with its 7,000 or so life-size figures, to the exquisitely delicate writing of fourth-century masters such as Wang Xizhin and his teacher, `Lady Wei'. But this rich tradition has not, until now, been fully appreciated in the West where scholars have focused their attention on sculpture, downplaying art more highly prized by the Chinese themselves such as calligraphy. Art in China marks a breakthrough in the study of the subject. Drawing on recent innovative scholarship and on newly-accessible studies in China itself Craig Clunas surveys the full spectrum of the visual arts in China. He ranges from the Neolithic period to the art scene of the 1980s and 1990s, examining art in a variety of contexts as it has been designed for tombs, commissioned by rulers, displayed in temples, created for the men and women of the educated ilite, and bought and sold in the marketplace. Many of the objects illustrated in this book have previously been known only to a few specialists, and will be totally new to a general audience.



《Art in China》是一本关于中国艺术的全面指南,涵盖了从史前时期到 20 世纪的各种艺术形式。作者 Craig Clunas 以其渊博的知识和对中国文化的深刻理解,为读者提供了一场视觉盛宴。本书内容丰富,图文并茂,是了解和欣赏中国艺术的必读之作。


作为一名艺术爱好者,《Art in China》这本书深深吸引了我。作者巧妙地将历史、文化和艺术融为一体,为读者呈现了一幅幅中国艺术的壮丽画卷。从玉器到书法,从瓷器到绘画,本书涵盖了中国艺术的方方面面。它不仅是一本参考资料,更是一部令人着迷的艺术之旅。


《Art in China》是一本跨越时空的文化探索之旅。它带我领略了中国五千年的艺术瑰宝,从新石器时代的陶器到当代艺术家的作品。作者深入浅出地介绍了中国艺术的各个方面,让我对这个古老而神秘的文明有了更深刻的理解。这是一本必读之作,适合所有对中国文化感兴趣的人。


作为一名学术研究者,《Art in China》为我提供了宝贵的参考材料。作者 Craig Clunas 运用扎实的史料和深入的学术研究,为中国艺术史填补了空白。本书不仅对专业人士有价值,也适合对中国艺术感兴趣的普通读者。


《Art in China》是一本艺术鉴赏家的盛宴。它收录了大量珍贵的图片,展示了中国艺术的精妙绝伦。通过阅读本书,我可以足不出户地欣赏到中国古代和现代的艺术杰作。对于想要提升艺术鉴赏力的读者来说,这是一本不可错过的著作。


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