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Twilight in the Forbidden City 电子书

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作者: Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston


出版时间: 2007-9-5

价格: USD 36.95

ISBN: 9781843560203

页数: 484 页








Twilight in the Forbidden City is a captivating memoir that vividly portrays the tumultuous political and social changes in China during the early 20th century. Johnston's firsthand account as a tutor to the last emperor, Puyi, offers an intimate and insightful glimpse into the inner workings of the imperial court and the complexities of China's modernization efforts.


This gripping historical narrative by Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston weaves together personal anecdotes and historical analysis to reveal the decline and fall of the Qing dynasty. Through his unique perspective, Johnston elucidates the challenges and conflicts faced by China as it grappled with foreign influence and internal strife. A must-read for anyone interested in Chinese history and global affairs.


Johnston's writing in Twilight in the Forbidden City is both lyrical and evocative. His descriptions of the Forbidden City and its inhabitants transport the reader to another time and place. The book provides a unique blend of historical insight and literary charm, making it an unforgettable reading experience.


Twilight in the Forbidden City offers a fascinating glimpse into the customs and traditions of the last days of imperial China. Johnston's observations on Chinese etiquette, court rituals, and religious beliefs provide invaluable insights into the complexities of a vanished era. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand Chinese culture and history.


Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston's memoir is not only a historical document but also a testament to the interconnectedness of different cultures. His experiences in the Forbidden City shed light on the cultural exchanges and tensions between China and the West during a transformative period in global history.


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