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An Odyssey 电子书

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作者: Daniel Mendelsohn

出版社: Knopf

出版时间: 2017-9-12

价格: GBP 21.45

ISBN: 9780385350594

页数: 304 页


When eighty-one-year-old Jay Mendelsohn decides to enroll in the undergraduate Odyssey seminar his son teaches at Bard College, the two find themselves on an adventure as profoundly emotional as it is intellectual. For Jay, a retired research scientist who sees the world through a mathematician's unforgiving eyes, this return to the classroom is his "one last chance" to learn the great literature he'd neglected in his youth--and, even more, a final opportunity to more fully understand his son, a writer and classicist. But through the sometimes uncomfortable months that the two men explore Homer's great work together--first in the classroom, where Jay persistently challenges his son's interpretations, and then during a surprise-filled Mediterranean journey retracing Odysseus's famous voyages--it becomes clear that Daniel has much to learn, too: Jay's responses to both the text and the travels gradually uncover long-buried secrets that allow the son to understand his difficult father at last. As this intricately woven memoir builds to its wrenching climax, Mendelsohn's narrative comes to echo the Odyssey itself, with its timeless themes of deception and recognition, marriage and children, the pleasures of travel and the meaning of home. Rich with literary and emotional insight, An Odyssey is a renowned author-scholar's most triumphant entwining yet of personal narrative and literary exploration.



An Odyssey is a poignant and insightful journey that explores the complex bond between a father and son. Daniel Mendelsohn's vivid prose transports readers into the heart of a father-son relationship as they delve into the timeless world of Homer's Odyssey. This memoir is a testament to the transformative power of literature and the enduring bonds of family.


An Odyssey is an enchanting blend of memoir and literary exploration. Daniel Mendelsohn's writing is both erudite and accessible, drawing readers into the depths of Homer's epic while also illuminating the intricacies of his own family history. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the power of literature and the complexities of father-son relationships.


An Odyssey is a captivating and deeply moving story that combines memoir, literary analysis, and travel writing. Daniel Mendelsohn's journey with his father to retrace Odysseus's voyages adds a layer of adventure and authenticity to this exploration of fatherhood, loss, and the enduring power of stories.


An Odyssey is a literary masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of genre. Mendelsohn's masterful weaving of personal narrative and literary analysis creates a tapestry that is both profoundly insightful and emotionally resonant. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of literature, the human condition, and the enduring bonds of family.


An Odyssey is an intellectually stimulating and deeply rewarding read. Mendelsohn's incisive literary analysis casts new light on Homer's epic, while his personal narrative provides a poignant counterpoint. This book is a valuable contribution to the fields of literature, family studies, and the exploration of the human spirit.


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