Rouge (Tattered Curtain #2) free pdf+epub

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Rouge (Tattered Curtain #2) Free PDF Download

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Publisher: Blue Ghost Publishing, LLC

Genres: Romance Books, Dark Books, Contemporary Books

Authors: Greer Rivers

Pages: 464 pages

ISBN13: 9798986124278


A dark billionaire romance with a secret society twist and a happy ever after.

The Garde values four ideals: The Truth we twist. The Beauty we flaunt. The Freedom we grant. The Power we take.

I believed their lies until Lacey O'Shea.

She's the only daughter of the Garde's leading family, and she was meant to be mine. But her father stole her from me to sell to another.

So I stole her back.

But there's more to the conspiracy that kept us apart, and we have to keep our relationship secret from her former fiancé, the Baron, to find the truth.

He wants to lock her away, but she's a bird desperate to flee her gilded cage.

I'll fight the Baron, the Garde, and the whole damn world to free her.

ROUGE is a spicy story set in modern-day Las Vegas and a complete STANDALONE in the Tattered Curtain series. Guaranteed HEA.

Author's Note: This is not a retelling. The Tattered Curtain series transforms classic tragic plays, such as Romeo & Juliet, La Dame aux Camélias, and Orpheus and Eurydice, into dark and twisty HEAs. All CWs/TWs can be found in the front of the book, the author's website, or on Goodreads. Mature readers only.



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