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Publisher: Illaria Publishing

Genres: Romance Books, Paranormal Books, Fantasy Books

Authors: Alexis Calder

ISBN13: 9781732828865

Tags: Romance Books, Paranormal Books, Fantasy Books, PDF Books, Free Books


Ivy's quest for freedom might cost her everything.

The war between the Shadows and the Umbras will tear the entire shifter community apart. All the packs have picked a side and if something isn’t done, it could mean the end of everything.

The feral shifters outnumber the packs and with Ivy’s encouragement, they are ready to bring down the system that has oppressed them for so long.

Ivy will fight with the feral shifters, even if it means fighting against her mate.

Feral Queen is the riveting conclusion in the Rejected Fate trilogy. 17+ for dark content, steamy scenes, and language.




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