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Publisher: Independently Published

Genres: Romance Books, Contemporary Books, New Adult

Authors: Kelsie Rae

Pages: 412 pages

ISBN13: 9798727379387


Her brother made her untouchable. But that won't stop his best friend--and her new roommate-- from pursuing her.After my brother convinces me to leave my manipulative, cheating boyfriend and move in with him, I run into his egotistical, alpha, jerk of a roommate. River.I guess I can't really blame him for having a big head. The guy gets paid to be looked at, and has a revolving door of gorgeous women at his beck and call. From the second I meet River, I want nothing to do with him and his manwhoring ways. Or at least that's what I tell myself. The guy goes through women like I go through a sleeve of Oreos. But that doesn't mean I'm not curious what the bad boy would taste like.Once I move in, my brother raises the forbidden stakes and claims me as off-limits. Which only entices River further. After all, he's a sucker for the things he can't have.And now he wants me.If you love forbidden romance, jealous exes, and sexy alpha heroes, then you'll love The Cocky Model by Kelsie Rae. One-Click today!



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